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Facebook will let you buy products from retailers’ Pages

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The Social Network is testing a shopping experience that allows users to buy items directly from business' Facebook pages. The new shopping feature, first reported by BuzzFeed, will allow retailers to turn their Facebook pages into mini storefronts outside of their main websites. Facebook confirmed the new shopping features to Mashable Wednesday, saying it's currently being [...]

5 Ways to Stop Embarrassing Yourself on LinkedIn

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How exciting! You've just received a great introduction to a big potential client. And as you and your team work hard to whip up a stellar pitch, what do you think the potential client is doing? She’s researching you, of course. And chances are, the first place she’ll go to learn more about your background, experience and personality [...]

Facebook Profiles Can Predict Work Performance

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Facebook Profiles When a company is in the process of hiring a new employee, there's a standard set of things it typically does — follow up with references, check the cover letter for obvious typos, and do some basic due diligence to ensure all of the companies listed on the candidate's resume actually exist. A recent study [...]

Twitter’s Redesign Makes the Platform Ripe for Recruitment

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The Society for Human Resource Management recently found that more than 75% of companies use social networking sites to recruit job candidates — and recruiters are often going beyond professionally oriented platforms like LinkedIn. 66% of recruiters use Facebook for discovering talent, and 54% of recruiters turn to Twitter when vetting candidates. With Twitter’s redesign, that number is likely to increase. Twitter is already [...]

Is the Facebook Like Dead for Marketers?

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Is the Facebook Like Dead Derek Muller longs for the days when his Facebook page had only a few thousand likes. "The other day I was just Googling, 'How do I delete these likes?'" he said to Mashable in an interview. "There's no tool to do that." Muller is the man behind Veritasium, a YouTube channel [...]