5 Reasons Every Business Needs an Enemy — the Bigger, the Better

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As entrepreneurs, it’s in our DNA to see every problem as a challenge. It presents an opportunity to build a business around solving the problem. It’s why I get so excited and energized talking to entrepreneurs about their businesses. However, after hearing startups discuss their new ideas or awesome business plans, I always ask the same question: [...]

No Summer Vacations for Entrepreneurs, Study Shows

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Many small businesses owners won't be spending much time relaxing this summer, a new study finds. One-third of the owners of small and medium-size businesses say they don't plan on taking any vacation in the coming months, according to research from Office Depot. Money is playing a large role in why small business owners aren't taking any [...]

Ignore the Advice of These 3 People

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Everyone has one and wishes they didn’t: the unwanted advice-giver who loves to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong and offer his unsolicited opinion. Whether he’s a successful CEO or your brother-in-law, he seems to pop up just when you’re feeling unsure of yourself. Unfortunately, in business, the leaders who really need good advice are [...]

Young Female Entrepreneurs’ Advice on Securing Funding

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As I mentioned before, the world better be prepared, because there is a new, fearless breed of young female entrepreneurs taking over. These ladies are making their dreams a reality by putting their ideas out there, rallying for support, and most importantly, not taking "no" for an answer. When it comes to getting funding, these female business [...]