Facebook Profiles Can Predict Work Performance

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Facebook Profiles When a company is in the process of hiring a new employee, there's a standard set of things it typically does — follow up with references, check the cover letter for obvious typos, and do some basic due diligence to ensure all of the companies listed on the candidate's resume actually exist. A recent study [...]

Ignore the Advice of These 3 People

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Everyone has one and wishes they didn’t: the unwanted advice-giver who loves to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong and offer his unsolicited opinion. Whether he’s a successful CEO or your brother-in-law, he seems to pop up just when you’re feeling unsure of yourself. Unfortunately, in business, the leaders who really need good advice are [...]

Is the Facebook Like Dead for Marketers?

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Is the Facebook Like Dead Derek Muller longs for the days when his Facebook page had only a few thousand likes. "The other day I was just Googling, 'How do I delete these likes?'" he said to Mashable in an interview. "There's no tool to do that." Muller is the man behind Veritasium, a YouTube channel [...]

Young Female Entrepreneurs’ Advice on Securing Funding

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As I mentioned before, the world better be prepared, because there is a new, fearless breed of young female entrepreneurs taking over. These ladies are making their dreams a reality by putting their ideas out there, rallying for support, and most importantly, not taking "no" for an answer. When it comes to getting funding, these female business [...]


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Let’s discover some interesting details about an efficient Small Business CRM, which will convince you about the importance of those systems, especially if you still don’t have one implemented. The CRM management systems are adapted to match the current tendencies on the market, and amongst others, they offer interactive panels, complete market analysis, and precise management [...]