5 ways companies can conquer customer satisfaction

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When Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, joined the online shoe and clothing retailer, he wasn't even into shoes. He was, however, passionate about customer service, and he believed in wowing customers. Hsieh brought new meaning to customer support and demonstrated that successful companies bake customer satisfaction into the company culture. He's instilled in his employees that [...]

8 Expenses Businesses Should Pass on to Customers

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Starting a business can be difficult, both mentally and financially, and there are plenty of mistakes to be made. One common error among fledgling companies is invoicing. As a small-business owner, you not only deserve to be paid for your hard work, but your livelihood depends it. Even knowing this, the most diligent entrepreneur can occasionally miss [...]

5 Reasons Every Business Needs an Enemy — the Bigger, the Better

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As entrepreneurs, it’s in our DNA to see every problem as a challenge. It presents an opportunity to build a business around solving the problem. It’s why I get so excited and energized talking to entrepreneurs about their businesses. However, after hearing startups discuss their new ideas or awesome business plans, I always ask the same question: [...]

Important Points For B2B Marketing On Social Media

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Social Media marketing is not only important tool for B2C brands but also it is important for B2B brands. B2B social media marketing enables you to get in touch with the prospective partners easily. Please find below few of the important points for B2B marketing on social media. Get the Correct Information While approaching any company [...]

Web Designing Tips For Small Online Store

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Online shopping is very important now-a-days as people can buy anything from their home. Apart from big and well-known shopping portals, there are many small online stores that also provide service to customers. Inorder to compete the big giants, small online stores should give more importance to the nature of their website. Please find below few [...]

5 Ways to Stop Embarrassing Yourself on LinkedIn

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How exciting! You've just received a great introduction to a big potential client. And as you and your team work hard to whip up a stellar pitch, what do you think the potential client is doing? She’s researching you, of course. And chances are, the first place she’ll go to learn more about your background, experience and personality [...]

The Importance Of Branding As A Marketing Tool

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Branding is a crucial aspect of the marketing process of any product or service. In today's market, every product has several rivals made by other companies. The fight for consumers is fierce and the competition cut throat. The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a "name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination [...]

Google Updates Maps With Gmail Invitations, Better Search

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Searching for places within the Google Maps iOS app just got easier. Google rolled out an update to the iOS version of its Maps app that improves search and discovery, and integrates Gmail events and reservation information. Now, when searching for a restaurant, store or other nearby business, Google Maps displays the results on a list of cards [...]

No Summer Vacations for Entrepreneurs, Study Shows

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Many small businesses owners won't be spending much time relaxing this summer, a new study finds. One-third of the owners of small and medium-size businesses say they don't plan on taking any vacation in the coming months, according to research from Office Depot. Money is playing a large role in why small business owners aren't taking any [...]

Fix These 5 Email Marketing Missteps Right Now

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The email marketing train is a constant and fast-moving one. It is hard to get off at the high speed and seemingly even harder to slow it down and take in the view. Many email marketers find it very hard to change less-than-successful practices or gain momentum on new techniques and strategies. However, there is hope! [...]